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Rules of play

CoinBattle is a realtime top down shooter in which you can fight against other live players and win their money by killing them. There are multiple lobbies with different stake amounts. Each lobby has a maximum of 24 players.

Skillkingdom ensures that all players play under exactly the same circumstances. This ensures that the game is purely skill-based and includes no elements of chance.

Lobby stake amounts

There are 3 lobby stake amounts:

  • € 0.10
  • € 1.00
  • € 3.00

Affiliate lobbies

We also host affiliate lobbies. Influencers can join our affiliate program and get their own affiliate lobby in which their viewers can compete.

Winning & losing


If you kill an enemy player, you earn 75% of the {lobby stake amount}.


If you get killed by an enemy player, you lose 100% of the {lobby stake amount}.

Example - € 1.00 lobby

Player 1 kills player 2

Player 1 earns € 0.75, Player 2 loses € 1.00



Each player has 100 health points. A player dies when the health points reach 0.

When a player does not receive damage for 3 seconds health will regenerate. Health regeneration will be cancelled if the player gets damaged, uses {sprint}, {shooting}, or fires a {plasma rocket}.

Movement - [WASD]

A player can move by pressing the [WASD] keys

Shooting - [LMB]

Shooting is the basic ability of the player. A player can shoot by clicking/holding [LMB]. A bullet deals 5 damage per hit.

The clip size is 30 bullets. Once a clip is empty the gun will automatically reload. Players can also manually reload by pressing [R].

Aiming - [Mouse]

Aiming is done by moving the crosshair on your screen. You can control the crosshair by using your [mouse].

Plasma rocket - [RMB]

The plasma rocket is the secondary ability of the player and can be fired using [RMB]. A plasma rocket deals 20 damage per hit.

The plasma rocket has a cooldown of 7 seconds.

Sprinting - [LShift]

Sprinting can be performed by holding [Left Shift]. Sprinting increases the player's movement speed. While sprinting the player will not be able to {shoot} or fire a {plasma rocket}.

Shield - [E]

The shield can be activated by pressing [E]. The shield blocks all incoming damage for 4 seconds. While the shield is activated, the player will not be able to {shoot} or fire a {plasma rocket}.

The shield has a cooldown of 12 seconds.

Retreat - [J]

Retreat can be performed by pressing [J]. Retreat teleports a player out of the {battlezone}. It takes 5 seconds to perform retreat. Retreat will be cancelled if a player receives damage, uses an ability, or moves.

Scenario rules

Safe disconnect

Safely disconnecting can be done by using the {leave game} button in the {TAB Menu} or by using the {leave game} button on the {spawn select} screen.

Bad disconnect

Any other way of disconnecting than a safe disconnect will result in a player losing the lobby stake amount. A bad disconnect can be caused by internet problems or by closing the web browser.